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Star Thistle 7.5ml


For fear of lack, inability to give freely...  Helps ability to share with others; an inner feeling of abundance...

Price: £7.46 (£8.95 Inc. VAT)

Star Tulip 7.5ml


For inability to cultivate quiet inner presence...  Helps sensitive and receptive attunement...

Price: £7.46 (£8.95 Inc. VAT)

Sticky Monkeyflower 7.5ml


For deep fear of sexuality and intimacy...  Helps ability to express deep feelings of love...

Price: £7.46 (£8.95 Inc. VAT)

Sturt Desert Pea


For emotional pain; deep hurt; sadness...  Helps letting go; trigger healthy grieving;...
Price: £9.29 (£11.15 Inc. VAT)

Sturt Desert Rose


For guilt, including sexual guilt, which can be an emotional trigger for many sexual problems;...  Helps courage; conviction; true to self; integrity; for following one's own inner convictions and morality...


List Price: £11.15
Price: £9.29 (£11.15 Inc. VAT)



For vagueness; disconnectedness; those who tend to 'split off' easily, especially when there is work to be done;...  Helps attention to detail; grounding and focusing;  living in the present;...
Price: £9.29 (£11.15 Inc. VAT)



CRISIS Series - Essences to help us re-balance in times of crisis.

The sunflower that made this essence was blown backwards and forwards during a Summer storm but all the while kept it’s beautiful smiling face. This essence is preparing us for the stroms ahead, both in our personal lives and on the planet as a whole. The Sunflower connects us with solar male energy. It is strong, focused yet very flexible, qualities which will help us withstand difficulty and adapt as necessary to new conditions. People who have taken this essence describe the feeling of being held firmly, as if supported from the back.
Sunflower will support you in standing tall, staying focused and achieving your goal while staying exible to any changes you may need to make.


Distilled water, vodka, energetic imprint of helianthus annus (Abv.20%) in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle with tamper evident dropper top.


Price: £4.17 (£5.00 Inc. VAT)
Out of Stock

Sunflower FES


For low self-esteem or arrogance...  Helps development of unique individuality; spiritualised ego...

Price: £6.63 (£7.95 Inc. VAT)

Sunshine Wattle


For people who have had a difficult time in the past and who are stuck there;  bring negative experiences of the past into the present....  Helps optimism;  vision and acceptance of the beauty, joy and excitement in the present;  openness to a bright future.
Price: £9.29 (£11.15 Inc. VAT)

Sweet Pea 7.5ml


For inability to form bonds with social community...  Helps with a sense of one’s place on Earth...

Price: £7.46 (£8.95 Inc. VAT)

Sydney Rose


For feeling separated;  deserted;  unloved or morbid...  Helps realisation that we are all one;  feeling safe and at peace; heartfelt compassion; sense of unity. 
The first aspect of the rare Sydney Rose to strike you is its intense, beautiful colour of the purest, pure pink...
Price: £9.29 (£11.15 Inc. VAT)

Tall Mulla Mulla


For feeling ill at ease with others; sometimes fearful of circulating and mixing with others as it feels too troublesome and uncomfortable; a loner...  Helps feeling relaxed and secure with other people; encourage social interaction...
Price: £9.29 (£11.15 Inc. VAT)

Tall Yellow Top


For alienation; loneliness; isolation...  Helps sense of belonging; acceptance of self and others; knowing that you are 'home';...
Price: £9.29 (£11.15 Inc. VAT)



For lack of confidence in one's unique skills and potential...Helps promote self-confidence by helping us reach a deeper understanding of our unique strengths...
Price: £8.29 (£9.95 Inc. VAT)

Tansy 7.5ml


For lethargy, procrastination...  Helps decisive, goal-oriented, purposeful action...

Price: £7.46 (£8.95 Inc. VAT)

This is Universal...


'YOUZE GUYS ARE DA BEST !!!!!'  Daniel Mapel (USA)

'Universal is the best and very gorgeous.  Love & Light.'  Ian White (Oz)

'Thank you for the warm welcome, your hospitality, trust and friendliness. Inspiring workshop and well-organised' Susan (Amsterdam)

'There are so many things I could say about the work that you do, beautiful Universal Essences Women.  Everything you do, you do it with beauty, grace and love.  Thank you from my heart for being who you are and for all the amazing work that you do.  This has been a great weekend and a real treat.'  Muriel (UK)

'A wonderful weekend.  Impeccable hospitality from Universal Essences. Well organised, informative and most enjoyable.' Maxine (UK)

'I have attended many of the workshops organised by the girls at Universal Essences and each one has been not only a very enjoyable experience, but has helped move me along in my own personal journey.  My intuition has improved.  I am more confident and I have made some very dear friends along the way.'  Jane

'To all the Universal Essences Staff, A big THANK YOU for looking after me so well.  You have met all my needs with grace to allow me to concentrate on learning.' Elizabeth (UK)

'Thank you all very much,  I had a pleasant weekend and felt well looked after the whole time.' Janika

'What a well-organised and supportive course.  I am sure that you couldn't have done more! Thank you.'  Linda (UK)

'Keep up the magical journey and look forward to our paths crossing again.  Love and Light.' Monica and Virginia

'This workshop was very inspiring!  We loved the environment where it was organised and the friendly atmosphere...We'll be back !' Lieven (Belgium)

'Thank you for organising such a fantastic workshop.  It has given me the confidence and inspriation to go ahead and use the essences in my homeopathic practice - I am feeling full of gratitude.  See you next year !' Julie

I have had a wonderful few days with you all.  Thank you so much.' Anne (Eire)

'Thank you for a great course - this is my 3rd in different places and this is by far the best.  Just so welcoming, lovely touches everywhere, but the staff made it special.' Caroline

'Thank you for these 2 days filled with knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and lots of lovely things, including - I must mention this - the neatly rolled hand towels in the bathroom!' Corinna

'Thank you for another lovely workshop.  I somehow managed to be able to forget what's going on at home and spend the time enjoying myself. Love.'  Louise (UK)

'Another super weekend workshop, many thanks.' Vivienne

'Thank you very much for organising such a nice workshop in such a lovely location. I wasn't expecting to discover so much beauty!' Natalie

More in Details.....

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Out of Stock

Transition Essence


For feeling stuck with a lack of direction;  fear of death... Helps acceptance of change with serenity;...
Price: £8.46 (£10.15 Inc. VAT)

Travel Ease 7.5ml


Travel Ease is specifically designed to ease the negative effects of air travel, including what is commonly referred to as jet lag.

Price: £7.88 (£9.45 Inc. VAT)

Travel Ease Spray 60ml


Use Travel Ease Spray™ to help you: 
  • Feel like you have all the personal space you need, even on a crowded plane
  • Release any toxic or unwanted energies that you absorb during your trip
  • Avoid jet lag.  Travel Ease does this by updating your energetic relationship with the Earth as you fly
  • Maintain the intergrity of your energy field, which is challenged by electromagnetic radiation produced byt the plance's insturments and wiring

Travel Ease Spray™ contains the essential oils of Black Spruce, Lavender, and Pink Grapefruit which support the cleansing, grounding, and uplifting qualities of the formula. Using the Travel Ease Spray is a refreshing way to keep your energy field strong, clear, and grounded during long flights, train or bus journeys, and when transiting airports, train and bus stations.

Price: £12.83 (£15.40 Inc. VAT)

Trillium 7.5ml


For greed for possessions and power... Helps ability to serve and give to others...

Price: £7.46 (£8.95 Inc. VAT)

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