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This series is ideal for sensitive people who find it hard to be around lots of people.

Price: £106.25 (£127.50 Inc. VAT)
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This set can be used by all the family.  Take essences individually or choose a group essence for all the family to take.

Price: £126.67 (£152.00 Inc. VAT)
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This set helps children to ground and feel safe.  Also helps adults to get in touch with their inner child.

Price: £168.83 (£202.60 Inc. VAT)
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This series is about a deep letting go of old patterns.  Particularly useful to start the New Year with.

Price: £106.25 (£127.50 Inc. VAT)
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Indigo Survival Series Kit of 6


  1. SURVIVAL SERIES - A foot in both worlds.

  2. In this time of rapid transformation from the old paradigm to a new level of consciousness, it can feel like we are walking between two worlds. On the one hand, we are experiencing expanded consciousness with enhanced extra sensory abilities. On the other hand, this expanded consciousness can make it difficult to interface with the old 3d world. It is still necessary for us to be able to do the practical things involved in running our lives such as paying bills, doing the shopping, driving cars etc. These combination essences will help us navigate between these two worlds until we are fully comfortable with our new abilities.

  3. Use your intuition (inner-teacher) as much as possible. Choose with your heart , not your mind.
    How to use the essences

    • Add 1 or more drops to a glass of water.
    • Sip the mixture as often as you feel you

      need it.

    • Put drops in a spray bottle and spray

      around yourself and your room.

    • Put drops in a bowl of water in your room

    • Put drops into a little cream or oil & rub

      into any sore bits of your body

    • Put drops in the bath

    • Sleep with the under your pillow


Price: £62.50 (£75.00 Inc. VAT)