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Frequently Asked Questions

What are flower and gem essences...

Flower and gem essences are a way of capturing the uplifting qualities of nature in a convenient and easy to use way to bring emotional balance and well-being. Essences can bring that positive feeling that a walk in the countryside has or a beautiful summer’s day in a special garden. They are similar to homoeopathy in that they are a form of vibrational or energy medicine that can be used when we feel out of balance, stressed or tired, to renew and refresh us. They are simple and safe to use with no side effects.

How do I use essences...

Flower and gem essences can be taken internally in drops or used externally in creams and sprays. They can revive and restore us to our natural state of well-being and good health by balancing us emotionally. Taking essences more frequently (2 or 3 times a day) works better than taking more drops but less frequently. It is not the strength of the dose but the frequency which is most effective.

How do I take essences...

There are many ways to take essences – internally, topically, dropped into water or juice, added to creams or sprays, taken alone or mixed with other essences. Choose the method that works best for your personal use.
Essences may be added to the bath, to moisturisers and facial creams, used with hands-on healing, in massage and bodywork, in household cleaning products, the washing machine and house paint.
People often ask how many drops to use from each bottle. The ‘correct’ number of drops will be very personal to you. Use a pendulum or choose intuitively what is right for you if you do not have a practitioner to make up the dosage for you.
Each range of essences has its own general guide on how many drops to use – the basics are given below.

Alaskan Essences
Use a 30ml dropper bottle containing one quarter brandy or apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin and three quarters good quality water. Add two drops of each selected essence. Standard dosage is then four drops, four times a day but individual testing is the best way to arrive at the correct dosage. Small children and animals will usually need to take the essences less frequently than adults.

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Take a 15ml or 30ml dropper bottle filled with three quarters good quality water and one quarter brandy. Add seven drops of each selected essence to the dosage bottle. Several essences can be combined in one bottle but it is generally suggested that the number combined be limited to four or five. Take seven drops of the dosage mix under the tongue morning and night, usually for a period of two weeks.

Flower Essence Services
Fill a 30ml dropper bottle nearly full of spring or fresh water. Add a small amount of brandy (between one eighth to one quarter) as a preservative. Add two to four drops of each selected flower essence. Place four drops of the dosage under the tongue or in water. General dosage is four times a day.

Indigo Essences
Put one or more drops of each essence in a glass of water or a drink and sip as often as you feel like it. Put a few drops of your chosen essence(s) in a plain cream and rub on your body. Put a few drops in a plant mister or atomiser and spray around you and your room. Just hold the bottle for a while until you feel better or sleep with the bottle under your pillow.

Wild Earth Essences
The dosage strength may be taken, five to seven drops, three to four times per day, but not with food. Take directly under the tongue or in water. It is best to take an essence for two to three weeks before determining whether it has been beneficial.

Can I use essences with other medication...

Yes, they are completely safe to use with any medication because they do not contain a physical substance from the plant. They bring a vibration to restore emotional balance so they work in harmony with the body and other treatments.

How are essences made...

Essences were originally created in the 1920’s by a Harley Street doctor and homoeopath, Dr Bach, who wanted to treat people as naturally as possible. He discovered that it was possible to transfer the healing qualities of the plant into fresh spring water by carefully picking flowers from one particular plant and placing them in a clear glass bowl in full sunshine for 4 hours. By that time the water has been imprinted with the healing qualities of that flower. Some essences were also made by boiling the essences in spring water when they grew at a time of year with less sunshine. The water is then transferred to a bottle and preserved with brandy. This is known as the mother tincture. To create the essence a few drops are taken from the mother tincture and placed in a small bottle with a pipette to which a third brandy and two thirds water are added. This is known as the stock bottle. From this stock, several drops are then added to the final bottle known as the dosage bottle, which again contains water and a small amount of brandy or glycerine as a preservative. Gem essences can be made in a similar way in the sunshine with the gem or crystal placed in the water. Some essences are also left in the moonlight. Different essences makers have since developed variations on this method.

How can essences help me...

Dr Bach discovered through studying his patients that often the most lasting and effective results occurred through treating the person and not the disease. For example, if ten people all have headaches the same essence might not be appropriate for all of them. When looking for an essence it is important to think about how you are feeling in yourself and in your life; for instance one person may be feeling irritated about things (Chamomile by FES), another may be feeling depressed (Wild Horse by Wild Earth Animal Essences), another person may be fearful (Dog Rose by Australian Bush Flower Essences), yet all have the same headache. By using the essence to rebalance the emotion, the body can then rebalance itself. You either use the essences internally by taking drops several times a day or use them externally in a cream or a spray.

Are essences safe to take during pregnancy...

Yes, essences are absolutely safe for the mother-to-be to use because they are vibrational and not a physical substance. For example, Bubble is an essence created by Indigo Essences specifically to help protect the baby in the womb. Alaskan Essences have developed Pregnancy Support specifically for the entire gestation period. The creams and sprays do contain some essential oils but are safe to use as well. Living Essences’ Microvita Creams are excellent for use during pregnancy, for example Body Relax for general stress and Body Bliss to uplift. Body Soothe has been used during labour to support the birthing process.

Can my children take essences...

The essences can be very helpful and supportive both during pregnancy and afterwards for both mother and child. Indigo Essences in particular are formulated for children from the womb onwards. Children respond very quickly and positively to essences. Essences such as No Fear, Sleep Easy, Confidence and Settle can be invaluable for both child and parent. They come in drops and sprays.

How do I go about choosing essences...

A good place to start is to think about the issue you would like to address. Are you feeling stressed? If so what do you feel is causing the stress but most importantly how do you feel in response to it? Overwhelmed (Eagle Essence by Wild Earth), irritated (Chamomile by FES), depressed (Wild Horse by Wild Earth), angry (Chill by Indigo, Mountain Wormwood by Alaskan), losing confidence (Confidence by Indigo or Confid by Bush), etc. It is the emotional response that you have that indicates the essence(s) that can help you.

To choose essences you can read the description of the essences and see which seem the most appropriate. Some ranges have photos of the flowers or gems, and by noticing those pictures you have the strongest reaction to, be they negative or positive, you can select the essences. Some people like to dowse for essences and some use kinesiology or muscle-testing. There are also a number of essence practitioners throughout the UK for people who would like a deeper experience of working with essences.

You can then either work with a single essence or a combination essence which contains several essences all relating to that particular issue. For example, if you are feeling angry, Indigo Essences have a combination essence called Chill "for when you’re boiling up inside". By taking Chill drops on a regular basis the essence helps the anger to subside. You can also contact Universal Essences for general advice.

What should I expect from taking essences...

This would depend on what essences you are taking and for what issues. Generally speaking the response to essences can be noticeable within a few days and sometimes within a few hours. For instance, if you are taking a essence for feeling fearful and anxious about an upcoming event (such as Dog Rose or Emergency Essence) you will start to notice that perhaps when you think of the event it seems less daunting or you feel more confident about dealing with it. For everyday stress you may find you feel less overwhelmed and calmer (Calm and Clear in drops, creams and sprays). Sometimes the effects are very noticeable and sometimes more subtle and gradual. Overall people usually comment on feeling happier and more uplifted.

How do I know which essence range to choose from...

This is often a matter of personal preference. The feedback we receive is that some people very much resonate with certain ranges. Animal lovers tend to be drawn to the Wild Earth Animal Essences and have very powerful results working with the gentle, transformative energy of this range. They are grounding and wonderful to help physically embody qualities. The Alaskan range contains the unique and pristine qualities of the Alaskan environment in a threefold system of flowers, gems and environmental essences working on a deep level. The Indigo Essences are made from a range of gemstones to work on issues particularly relating to children growing up in the modern world, although many adults also find the essences very healing and supportive. The Australian Bush Flower Essences are often described as very Yang and fast acting and are popular with all ages. The FES range from California feature flowers from North America that are excellent for deep inner development.

It can be helpful to work intuitively selecting from the ranges on a broader level and the essences on a specific level. You can mix and match essences from all the ranges to make a Combination that is individual to you. However Daniel Mapel, the creator of the Wild Earth Animal Essences does recommend using the Animal Essences in a separate dosage bottle from the flowers and gems, although they can be taken on the same day and for the same issue.

To get the best results it is always advisable to use a mix of essences that work on ONE issue. It is often tempting to try to cover a variety of issues at once but this can confuse things and slow the effectiveness of the essences.

As an example, someone may be feeling overwhelmed about an upcoming project at work, as well as struggling with a parenting challenge and feeling tired after a recent illness, in addition to planning a big family get-together. Obviously there is a lot going on! So what is the priority here for the person? If this was you what would you most want help with? Perhaps addressing the work issue would lessen the overall tension making it easier to deal with the other areas. If this were the case, then looking at essences that help with overwhelm (Eagle, Paw Paw) can often create a shift in perspective and a lessening of stress. Trying to treat all of the emotions in one go would not be so effective.

Where can I get the essences from...

Please contact us here at Universal Essences (0844 854 2929) where we offer a mail order service or we can let you know where your nearest stockist is situated.

How can I learn more about essences...

We host a number of workshops with the creators of the various ranges of essences throughout the year. They are either one day or two day workshops at weekends that are both fun and educational, inspiring and uplifting. Here you can learn how to help yourself, your friends and family, as well as on a professional level for complementary practitioners. The essences are used successfully by a very wide range of practitioners throughout the world.

We also do talks through the year with both the essence creators and specialists in essences. If you would like to attend or host a talk please contact us and we will be happy to provide more details.

If you would like to be notified about upcoming workshops please contact us at Universal and we will place your details on our database so that you automatically receive the latest information on our workshops. We only send information that is relevant to our essence customers.